Global Sustainability Jam Muenchberg 2012 group image

Global Sustainability Jam Muenchberg 2012 – 48 hours of creative challenge, collaboration and a lot of fun!

Video presentation of our at Service Design Tourism Conference 2012 at MCI, Innsbruck

Bustling activities @ Service Design in Tourism Conference 2012

Service Design for SMEs @ Designblick Symposium 2012

 tackle is back! If you are looking for a design-led business and service innovation outfit, you found it!

We offer our services to businesses and organisations that want to change the way they design, innovate and deliver their services and products.
With hands-on experience and an active network of professionals, we approach complex business challenges without losing sight of the real value drivers: the humans involved.

We identify and validate real customers’ needs, help our clients to innovate towards those needs and tackle the necessary steps to integrate these innovations into their organisation. We help them change the way customers experience their offerings and how they see their own business.

Projects & Activities


We are tackle

Jan Krause

Jan always keeps an eye out for opportunities and trends at the intersection of design and business. Being an outgoing communicator and design thinker, he thrives on idea generation, business case development and prototyping. read more 

David Rajkay

David is an agile project manager, process nerd and data wizard. Rooted in the beautiful world of mathematics and shaped by agile methods he loves to take a deep dive into complex problems. With work experience from high tech industry to startups, he is a versatile team player who adapts quickly to new environments.
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Cordula Brenzei

Cordula is tackle’s project manager, director of research and lead facilitator during co-creation sessions. She loves to work with people and uncover hidden needs and insights from apparently simple aspects found during observation. read more 

If you see change as a welcome and vital opportunity for your organisation, we’d love to work with you!