Bustling activities @ Service Design in Tourism Conference

The Service Design in Tourism Conference in August 2012 was the 1st international conference on service design in the travel and tourism industry. Bringing together people interested in the practical application of service design thinking from all over the world to share their experiences, establish new relationships, discuss wicked problems and develop future opportunities, the event can only be called a great success.

Among other, very insightful talks, we got to present our ideas on service innovation – using an analogy from the world of rock climbing!

In addition to that, we set up a “Low-tech Social Network” in the main stage area, a community intervention letting all participants visualize and revisit their links to friends, colleagues and all those new connections made at the conference.

One of the highlights was keynote speaker and singer-songwriter Dave Caroll’s talk about his devastating service experience with United Airlines, the implications this had on his career and life up to the creation of his now-famous song “United breaks guitars” – which he interpreted life, twice, during the conference, with the repeated effect of a very cheerful crowd.

To us, the conference was an awesome experience  – gorgeous people, great talks and activities in the lovely city of Innsbruck. The hosts and their team of volunteers really made it a perfect event with a great service journey (of course!!), culminating in a great finale when everybody got to go up the ‘Nordkette’ peak having a schnapps and mountain cheese together surrounded by a superb mountain setting.

You can experience a watered-down version through more great pictures at the SDT website, on Flickr and this video here:

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