Set your service innovation on fire! – Talking at SDT-Conference 2012

How to innovate faster, safer – and make your services stick …
Here is the talk we held at Service Design Tourism Conference 2012 at MCI, Innsbruck:

Watch the video on vimeo

With markets becoming increasingly transparent, customer experience has become a crucial factor of differentiation, making innovation in this area indispensable.
This talk shows how service providers can speed up their innovation process and make it more reliable based on the iterative development cycle of build – measure – learn. With a metaphoric comparison to the world of rock climbing, the talk will clarify the working principle of this service design approach using short iterations of user research, ideation, prototype development and validation by user testing. You will learn why this process is a valuable alternative to relying on predictability and the honing of known processes to mitigate risk and leave you with an incentive to try it yourself.

Visual recording of our talk by we are human

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